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For Technology, Engineering and Healthcare Professionals-

“It’s nobody’s business if you want to explore and see what opportunities may be available to you.”

There are a number of reasons why you may want to explore available opportunities and still maintain your anonymity. You don’t want your current employers to find out and you certainly don’t want to be flooded with phone calls or emails from recruiters — especially if you’re just interested in what’s out there, not actively looking.

It’s a small world. It seems everyone knows someone. The last thing you want it to reach out to a company to inquire about a position only for the person to know your current co-workers, manager or supervisor. It’s just too risky.

So what’s the answer? You’re shortchanging yourself if you don’t see that there’s a world full of opportunities. The Confidential Recruiter©   has the solution. We guarantee your identity will remain 100% confidential until you choose otherwise.

Whether you have already seen a listing for a position with a specific company or would like to know what companies are seeking individuals with your specific skill set, the first step is scheduling a brief call with our one of our company founders. We’re always available but recommend this being done after-hours or on weekends to insure privacy and confidentiality.

No obligation…no pressure. Let’s just start with a conversation.

(Reminder: Utilize only your personal email and cell phone # for all communications)