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Dalton Barnes Executive Recruiter | Fort Worth, TX

Specialty: Construction, Roofing, Healthcare, Accounting/Finance

About Me

As a recruiter I strive to help both companies and candidates find the best course of action moving forward in their search for success. That doesn’t necessarily mean just flooding them with opportunities but more to act as a consultant throughout the entire hiring process and utilizing my experience to make the best decision possible. It is more about building relationships and trust so that it is more of a conversation rather than a business discussion.

What made you want to become a recruiter?

I wanted to become a recruiter to utilize my ability to build relationships and be an asset to whomever needed me. There are so many people and companies out there who just don’t understand the process and I am here to be the common ground that both parties can lean on and confide in to keep their best interests in mind.

What’s the biggest misconception that people have about being a recruiter?

The biggest misconception that people have about recruiters is that we are just money hungry headhunters. While sure, we like to be rewarded for our hard work, it isn’t always about the money. As recruiters, we strive to build a reputation and relationship with those we work with that supersedes the title of recruiter. We want to be part of your process, be an asset to achieve your goals. To do this, we cant just fill your inbox with every candidate we come across It is a give and take where we consult both parties and present the best route forward for both parties.

What would we most likely find you doing on the weekend?

On the weekends, you will likely find me on the back patio watching college football with a drink in my hand and food on the grill. In between games, don’t be surprised if you see me wrestling with my Black Labs to pass the time. Otherwise I will be with good friends, making memories and living like to the fullest!

Four Quick Facts About Dalton


Texas born and raised Don’t be surprised if you catch a southern drawl once you get to know me!


Avid Hunter In the final quarter of the year, there’s a good chance I will have a bow in hand on the weekends!


Father of fur babies While I do have a baby on the way, right now my 2 kids have 4 legs and shed beyond comprehension.


Gig Em! My Aggies never lose a game, we just run out of time!