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Eligibility Qualifications
  • Proof of past 12 months billing of at least $100k

  • Employment application including description of existing activities (full desk, split placements, lead generation, etc.)

  • Telephone interview

  • Background/reference check


Our program was created for the individual recruiter that has demonstrated success and wants to take the next step in his/her career, and wants to work from a home office. You will operate with full micro-managing. You’re responsible for running your full desk. This is a full time employee (W-2) position.


Recruiter's home office

  • We pay for and provide access to LinkedIn Recruiter (full version) and our Applicant Tracking System which includes a proprietary database of 550 million people across 95 data sources with verified phone and email.

  • We pay for the company portion of payroll taxes (federal unemployment, state unemployment, Medicare, Social Security)

  • We pay for part of your premium for our company sponsored health insurance plan

  • We pay for all legal costs, drafting of contracts, collections, etc.

  • We pay for E & O insurance

  • We pay for Workers Compensation insurance

  • We pay for payroll processing fees (direct deposit, W2’s)

  • We pay for all accounting expenses (billing, AR/AP, financials, tax returns, etc)

  • We pay for local business licenses

  • Our HR handles I9’s, W4’s, new hire reporting, audits, etc.

  • We provide an online ledger financial tracking system

  • We provide you with a personalized website

  • We provide you with a company email account

  • We provide you with professionally produced marketing

  • We pay for business cards

  • We pay for optional monthly training

Ongoing Production Requirements

Minimum production $100,000 in billings each year.


Commission Payout Calculation = 70% of gross billing – minimum wages already paid to you. You are paid the state minimum wage (including overtime if applicable) for every hour worked. This not a “draw” or “advance”. It’s a true minimum wage payment and never has to be repaid. Must log all hours spent working.