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Ruben Rodriguez Executive Recruiter | Orange County, California

Specialty: Accounting & Finance, Manufacturing Quality Assurance, Construction, Sales & Marketing

About Me

After six years of service and combat tours to both Iraq and Afghanistan, it was time for me to start my professional civilian journey. I began my career as an entrepreneur in the fitness industry. From a sales consultant and running my training business, I transitioned to recruiting and specialized in Accounting and Finance professionals in the Central Valley. I have since then expanded to working with professionals in the LA/OC and Bay area market.

What’s your strategy when trying to find the best candidate for a specific position?

The best strategy to finding the right candidate, all starts with the initial conversation with the client. The objective of this conversation is to get the full picture of the position to best present the opportunity to potential candidates. Once we understand the position and company culture we initiate our search. We reach out to those individuals that match the required skillset within both our existing database as well as the numerous sourcing resources available to us. We pre-screen each candidate to ensure they fit the background and have the skill set required for the role. Once they have been screen we present our clients with a detailed report on each individual.

What made you want to become a recruiter?

I love the aspect of connecting people and finding them a new opportunity. Through my years of working with people, I learned that building and maintaining relationships with your clients and candidates is the key to success.

What do you specialize in and why?

I specialize in Accounting, Finance, Manufacturing, Sales, and Construction. I only like to work in a position where I have a good understanding of the industry, technical skills, and soft skills that are required to be successful in the role. I started my career in accounting and finance, so this is my bread and butter. I have since been exposed to the manufacturing, specifically in the quality assurance side, and construction. In the past 2 years that I have been working those industries, I have been very successful.

What would we most likely find you doing on the weekend?

Every weekend you will most likely find me either at the dog beach with daughter and my pup or hiking in the Mountains. Outdoors and nature are a great reset for the mind, and it recharges me to hit the ground running every Monday.

Four Quick Facts About Ruben



One beautiful daughter and furry meathead named Brodi

BodyBuilder Icon


Competes twice a year in bodybuilding in the Classic Physique division.


Marine Corps

Completed 6 years of active services as an 0331


Central Valley Native

Raised in a small town just outside of Fresno. Lifted trucks and backroads are all we knew.