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Recruiting That's Different by Design

Standing Apart in a Crowded Space.

We know you have choices and with so many firms to choose from, Carlyle Search Group stands apart in the right ways for the right reasons.  No false claims or big ad budgets, real service from real pros committed to earning trust the old-fashioned way: Through performance.

Expertise from Deeper Experience.

Every company is unique, and we don't take a cookie-cutter one-size-fits all approach.  Our recruiters are experts in the verticals they specialize in.  There is simply no better way to help our clients find the right talent for their needs that fit with their culture.

We Know What It Takes to Succeed.

First-hand knowledge and understanding of the industries we work with gives us a decided competitive advantage.  It's complemented with our proprietary network and proven, trusted process designed to help our clients attract, acquire, develop and retain top talent.

Thinking Like a Candidate Matters.

What today's job seeker wants goes far beyond salary and perks to company culture and fit.  We take the time to understand their dreams, searching for the perfect fit that can lead to recruiting success you and your new hire will both celebrate.

Laser-Focused and Results Driven.

True success isn't finding a satisfactory candidate, but the exceptional candidate, and not an ordinary leader but an extraordinary one that will thrive and deliver great results.  It begins with the skills required to succeed and extends to organizational and cultural fit.

Ongoing Review and Improvement.

You can expect us to follow-up, relentlessly, because we don't talk constant improvement, we live it.  This means we want to know what we did right, what we might have done better, and how we can build upon our success today, tomorrow and into the future.