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You’re paying out such a high percentage of the revenue. How do you make any money?

We’ve perfected this model in other industries. We maintain a high tech, low corporate overhead structure and operate on very thin margins. We are also very selective on who we allow into the program. We’re seeking experienced, proven producers who don’t require a lot of oversight and support. We don’t need layers of expensive management. We maintain enough corporate personnel to service our recruiters needs.

Do you charge an upfront fee, royalties, etc.?

No. We are not a franchise. There are no franchise fees.

I don’t quite meet the qualifications for your program. Are there any exceptions?

No promises but we understand there are sometimes unique situations that need to be considered. Give us a call to discuss.

I’m a big producer. Can I get an even higher split?

No. We pay out the maximum possible while still being able to stay in business.

My expertise is sourcing and recruiting and I know someone else that’s experienced in calling on clients. Can we come on board as a team?

Yes, as long as you’re able to provide a twelve month history of sufficient production.

What Applicant Tracking System (ATS) will I be using?

We believe you will love our Applicant Tracking System.  We utilize Loxo which is an industry leading, awesome ATS.  Some of the biggest names in the industry (including Tim Sackett, Stacy Donovan Zapar, Lars Schmidt and Paul DeBettignies) utilize Loxo.  Included in the subscription we provide is Loxo Source, a proprietary database of 550 million people.

Here are some links about the system:

Loxo Home Page

Loxo Press Release

Loxo Review

Loxo Review

I’d like to bring on board an individual who doesn’t meet your experience/production requirement. I would train them and work closely with them. They would be paid a lower commission and I would receive the difference. Is this permitted?

Once you’ve established yourself as a successful producer with Carlyle, we will allow these type of arrangements on a case-by-case basis.

Do you pay a referral fee/bonus if I refer another recruiter that is hired by Carlyle?

Yes. We pay a $500.00 fee for each recruiter that is referred by you (note- they must list your name on their employment application) once we are paid for their first placement.

How quickly can I start?

You can be activated in as little as 48 hours after we receive your application and proof of past 12 months billing.

I’m currently working so many hours and find being a recruiter is really difficult. Will it be any easier at Carlyle Search Group?

No. Recruiting is arguably the toughest sales gig going, and being in a commission driven environment is very stressful. Recruiting/sales in this environment is not ideal for everyone however there are also tremendous financial rewards being a successful recruiter.

Will I be considered self-employed?

No. You will be a bona fide W-2 employee of Carlyle Search Group. You will not have to pay self-employment tax or deal with any of the administrative work of being self-employed.

Am I permitted to solicit the same clients/candidates who I’ve been working with at my previous company?

We are not permitted to provide legal advice. If you executed a non-compete and/or a non-solicitation agreement, we recommend you have an attorney review its validity. Many jurisdictions have ruled these agreements to be invalid depending on how broad the restrictions are.

If it is determined that you have executed a valid, binding agreement with a previous employer, we expect you to abide by the terms.

How often is payroll?

We run payroll twice per month except in those states that require a more frequent payroll schedule.

Do you offer benefits?

Yes. Health, dental, vision, 401k, life insurance, etc. Contact us for specific details on coverage, costs, etc.

Why don’t you pay the full cost of my benefits?

If you’re asking this question, you probably don’t understand our model. We are paying out the maximum we can while still being able to keep our doors open. If you need fully paid benefits and someone holding your hand, there are plenty of companies that you can go (and they will be happy to pay you 30%). We’d rather give you all the money and let you decide how you’ll spend it.

Do you pay a salary?

Understanding that the maximum we pay out is 70%, we can offer a salary or draw if you have a track record of production.  Please call us to discuss.

Will you provide me with scripts?

While we do maintain call scripts that you can utilize, we hope you’re already utilizing an effective script and (unless it’s your previous company property) will continue to use the script while at Carlyle.

Will you be withholding taxes from my checks?

Yes. As a bona fide W-2 employee, we withhold the required federal, state and local taxes and pay them to the applicable government agencies. We will have you fill out a federal (and state if applicable) withholding forms directing us how much to withhold.

Are you able to direct deposit my funds?

Yes…we actually prefer this as it helps automate our processes and reduces our costs.

Do you offer paid time off, vacation time, etc.?

Yes. We cover these types of benefits in our employee handbook and most importantly we adhere to all federal and state requirements. Understand, however that meeting (and hopefully far exceeding) the minimum annual production requirements is what we’re focused on. If you’re meeting your goals, we are likely not going to have an issue if you wish to take a month off to travel the world (for example). We’re easy. Do the right thing, adhere to laws, work hard and play hard.

When does my personalized webpage get setup?

Your personalized webpage will be setup within 24 hours of us receiving certain information from you (headshot, narrative, etc.).  Your Welcome Booklet will include all the details of what we need from you.

The URL for your website will be www.CarlyleSearchGroup/FirstInitialLastName. For example John Smith would be www.CarlyleSearchGroup/jsmith.

What’s the URL for my personalized website?

The URL for your website will be www.CarlyleSearchGroup/FirstInitialLastName. For example John Smith would be www.CarlyleSearchGroup/jsmith.

What’s my email address?

Your email address will be your first initial and last name followed by For example, John Smith would be

How do I setup/retrieve/send email?

Your Welcome Packet will contain instructions how to setup/retrieve/send email.

How do I setup my voicemail?

Within 24 hours of your activation, you will receive an email with instructions how to log in and setup your voicemail. Setup will include recording custom messages, how you want to be notified of messages, etc.

What Applicant Tracking System (ATS)/CRM will I be using?

We are thrilled to provide you with Loxo, the #1 Talent Intelligence Platform and global leader in Artificial Intelligence Recruitment Automation software.  You can learn more about Loxo at

Which LinkedIn subscription will I get?

You will receive a full LinkedIn Recruiter subscription (not Recruiter Lite).

Who bills my clients when a placement has been made? How will I know when they have paid?

Our accounting department handles all billing and collections. You will receive a notification 1) When we have billed the client and 2) upon receipt of payment and how much was paid. If you have any questions regarding the status of bills/ payments, please contact our accounting department.

How quickly can I be paid my commission?

Commissions are paid immediately after any guarantee period (if any) has expired (as determined by what you have negotiated with the client). If a ninety day guarantee period is included in the client contract, then you will be paid at the end of this ninety day period (assuming we’ve collected funds from the client). If there is no refund guarantee period, then you will be paid immediately upon receipt of our funds from the client.

What training do you offer and am I required to attend?

We understand your time is valuable. We make every effort to create webinars that we believe are tremendously beneficial to you…whether you’ve been in the business for two years or twenty years. These aren’t just “the basics”. We schedule industry leading professionals and when possible, make a recording of the webinar available for future reference. Your attendance is not required.

Am I able to determine and negotiate the fee with the client?


Am I permitted to split a fee with another recruiter/recruiting company?

Yes. We require all parties execute a fee-splitting agreement to make sure all terms are understood.

How do I handle getting Client Placement Agreement’s signed?

You will complete a form on our corporate intranet with details about the client (company name, address, contact name, email address, etc.) as well as the agreed upon terms (fee amount, guarantee period, etc.). Within an hour of you entering this information on the intranet, we will email the Agreement to the client (copy to you) via our Docusign account. You will be notified once the client executes the agreement.

How/When does my LinkedIn Recruiter get activated?

After ninety days employment with Carlyle Search Group (or sooner based on previous production), we will activate your full LinkedIn Recruiter account.

My current company gives us free coffee, snacks and pizza parties once a month. Do you offer this?

You will be making enough to afford to pay for your own coffee, snacks and pizza. Sure, we could pay out some ridiculously low commission structure and pretend that free coffee and snacks makes up for it…but that’s just not our model.

I have a question that’s not listed here. Who can I ask?

Feel free to email or call us at 800-200-9950. We pride ourselves on being 100% transparent and making sure every question you may have is answered.

Do you place contract or temporary workers?

No.  We're a permanent placement agency only.