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Our Process

Recruiting Excellence Isn’t Luck, It’s Part of a Better Process.


The Recipe for Recruiting Success.

We understand what’s at stake and the high cost of failure. Winning or losing the battle for top talent can make or break your company. There is no secret sauce, but there is a need for a proven method to find and deliver highest quality candidates to clients.

Each Step has a Purpose and a Plan.

Involved is preparation, research, selection, presentation of candidates, and follow-up that to us is essential.  Like you, we’re committed to constant improvement and that requires us to take a deep look at wins and losses with a determination to learn from both.

Screening and Interviewing is Essential.

We begin with a telephone interview, the first stage of our screening process. If they pass, this is followed by face-to-face interviewing. To protect your time, before you ever see them, we’ve determined whether or not they’ve got what it takes to succeed.

At Carlyle Search We Do Our Homework.

From getting to know you to understand what you need and envision, to interviewing and assessing candidates, we believe in them before ever presenting them to you. And if you choose to extend an offer – we work with you to frame and negotiate it.

Helping with the Onboarding Process.

We don’t send a candidate, wish you well, collect a fee and disappear, and to us, onboarding isn’t merely paperwork. It’s how to make candidates feel grounded, welcomed and poised to hit the ground running and become the great hire you hope for.

We’re Passionate About Follow-Up.

Not just following up with you, we build relationships with candidates and stay in touch with them. It’s how we can ensure they’ll report for their first day, enthusiastic and committed, and have a smooth, successful transition to their new professional home.

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