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Our Expertise

What Sets Carlyle Apart Is Not Only Our Industry Connections, But Also How We Treat You.

Professional and Totally Confidential.

Few things in life impact us more than changing jobs. It’s private, personal and you have a right to do it on your terms. We pledge total confidentiality to protect your identity until you’re ready to disclose it, so you can explore options and opportunities without the drama.

Local Strength and National Reach.

We’ve built privileged relationships with companies and as a result, routinely become aware of great opportunities that never make it to the job boards. These direct connections to top hiring managers give us – and our candidates – a true edge.

Our Objective is a True Win-Win.

Recruiters work for both candidates to find them positions, and client companies to fill their open positions. Our goal is to earn the trust of both, with top talent matched to the best positions enabling both candidate and company to celebrate a perfect connection.

Our Finger is Always on the Pulse.

Think of us as advocates for you in an ever-changing hiring environment. We’re constantly monitoring the market, assessing trends and uncovering opportunities. It’s the result of blending cutting-edge innovation with proven best business practices.

A Larger Universe of Opportunities.

More options for you, because a by-product of our relationships with companies and hiring executives give us access to a wider variety and larger number of the best positions. That means more interviews, and a greater likelihood of landing your perfect position.

Saving and Protecting Your Time.

We’re on your side, so say goodbye to hours prowling job boards and submitting applications. We know where the jobs are, employers trust us, and we pledge to do all the heavy lifting, with start-to-finish insight and invaluable after-interview feedback to learn and improve.

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