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What Would Glassdoor Say?

Want to find the inside scoop about Carlyle Search Group? We’ll lay it all out for you right here. We want you to know everything up front. No surprises…just 100% transparency.


  • Best compensation structure in the industry. Amazing opportunity to make life changing money.

  • Was able to be onboarded within one week of submitting my employment application and verification of production.

  • Good benefits package/insurance options. They contribute towards the cost of your health insurance.

  • Great technology (applicant tracking system). Source from 550 million name database.

  • Excellent accounting department handles all invoicing, funds posting, collections, payroll, etc.

  • You are a true bona fide W2 employee. You won’t get hit with self-employment tax.

  • Professional corporate branding/image. Great reputation. Very high ethical standard. Great to work for a company that focuses on providing true value to our clients and candidates.

  • Independence. Ability to work remotely.

  • Driven, hungry team.

  • No Territories. You can work in any market.

  • Industry training from the best in the business.

  • Autonomy- Work with the clients/candidates you want. Fee structure is your choice.

  • Ability to work from your own computer wherever you are (all tools are web based).

  • No micromanaging (could be a pro or con depending on if this is something you need).

  • No red tape- No bureaucracy.


  • No high base salary. If you need a $45K-$60K base salary, this is not for you. While you are paid an hourly wage, the vast majority of your compensation will come from commission generated by making placements.

  • You need to be self-disciplined to succeed in this position. You must be a self-starter and be proactive. Don’t expect to just sit back and expect to be successful.

  • You need to create your own book of business. Must know how to produce/generate revenue.

  • They only do executive search/permanent placement. No contract or temporary staffing.

  • No micromanaging (could be a pro or con depending on if this is something you need).

  • For those who still need structure, a manager looking over your shoulder, etc., this is not for you.

  • It can take some time to get your volume up to speed, although this should be the last time you’ll need to restart your pipeline.

  • National footprint (not currently able to place internationally).

  • Can be lonely working by yourself unless working from one of their branch locations.