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Program Overview

Thank you for expressing interest in joining the Carlyle Search Group family. Let me start by saying this program is not for everybody.

We fill a niche by providing a platform for honest, ethical, hard-working experienced recruiters who have a track record of success to greatly increase their income. Consider this an alternative to going out on your own and starting your own company. You get the benefits of the income without the hassles, time and distraction of endless administration.

We are not a franchise. We do not charge upfront franchise fees or monthly royalties.

We are very selective about who we offer employment. We start by looking at your character and business philosophy. Why are you in this industry? We can identify those individuals who are seeking to earn a quick buck versus people who truly care about their clients, their candidates and doing the right thing.

We also require a minimum one year of recruiting experience with a verifiable track record of success. If you can’t provide your previous twelve months production, you will not be offered employment.

It’s also important to us the methods you utilize to attract the attention of candidates and clients. We’re not interested in individuals whose methods include deceit, spam, etc. We’re seeking professional individuals who can sell the true value they provide without the need for unethical tactics.

One theme you will hear over and over about Carlyle Search Group is how seriously we take our reputation. It is our greatest asset and we will always protect it. That is just one of the reasons why Carlyle Search Group is extremely selective and carefully considers each applicant in determining whether or not to offer employment. We want to make sure you are a good fit for us…and we are a good fit for you.

So what are the benefits of joining our family?

We provide you with all the tools.

  • Best in class applicant tracking system (ATS)

  • Proprietary database of 550,000,000 people across 95 data sources with verified phone and emails

  • Contribution to your premium in our large group company health insurance benefits

  • All contracts, legal, etc.

  • WE pay for the employer portion of payroll taxes you don’t get hit with the 15.3% self-employment tax

  • LinkedIn Recruiter (FULL VERSION) account

  • Personalized website

  • Email account

  • Liability/E & O Insurance

  • Monthly training

  • Accounting (billing, collections, etc.)

  • State/City required business license

  • and more

Oh...and by the way, we pay you 70% of the revenue we collect!!

If you’re a success in this industry, we already know you work hard…really hard. Isn’t it time to truly benefit from your hard work?

You may ask how we’re able to do this. It’s no secret…we’re working off of thin margins and lots of volume. Bringing on the best of the best recruiters also allows us to keep our overhead low. We don’t need to hire layers of management. Remember we give you the tools. It is still up to you to utilize them and build your book of business.

So if you qualify and feel this program is for you, you can start by filling out or screening form. This process is 100% confidential.  In addition, we welcome the opportunity to answer any questions you may have.

Sincerely -
Ken Klawans
Toll-Free: 800-200-9950