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Samantha Lima Executive Recruiter | La Habra, CA

Specialty: Finance, IT, Engineering

About Me

I left my small town behind me, pursed a collegiate softball career in New York and brought myself back to sunny Southern California! With a Bachelor's Degree in Communication and a minor in Public Relations, my passion for communication, building relationships and helping others is a top priority!

What made you want to become a recruiter?

I became a recruiter because the feeling you get when you help someone find a position is unmatched. Knowing I can assist someone through a, sometimes difficult and nerve-racking,  time of change is something I have a passion for. 

What's your strategy when trying to find the best candidate for a specific position?

Recruiting is more than just placing a candidate into position. It comes down to what both the client and candidate are looking for in a new opportunity. From pain points, to desires ranging from salary and culture, my best strategy for trying to find the best candidate for a specific position is listening to both sides. 

What would we most likely find you doing on the weekend?

On the weekend, I can be found at the beach, doing CrossFit or hanging out with friends. Outdoors are the way to go!

What's one thing most people don't know about you?

I wanted to score movies as a career. 

Four Quick Facts About Samantha

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Originally from South Carolina


Huge football fan


I have two dogs


I love trying new foods